“i LEARNED my lesson”

For me:

Learning must be a personal and innate. It is NOT by force or intimidation from others that  would make me change my preconceived ideas, concepts or even my behavior.

It was 2004, and I was in Qatar working as a Medical Technologist when my bestfriend convinced me to take the IELTS ( International English Language Testing System). Initially, I hesitated but I gave in for reasons that I would need this eventually and mostly because I will be studying with a friend. We enrolled in British Council for a month review, practiced and with high hopes, we took the exam. Our goal is to pass the band score 7 in order to qualify to register in US certification board for Med-Techs. It was such a big shock when I learned I got 6 in Speaking and have NOT reached the goal Learning-from-Failureaimed for.

Fast forward -2008, I got a job in Ireland and while working, I tried again to apply for examination for IELTS. Why? I realized that I am speaking English  in and out of work, almost 24 hours a day. I used my old review materials to prepare myself. I got band 9 ( Expert user ).

I can attribute my learning outcome on Maturity – I was mentally and psychologically prepared on my 2nd try of the IELTS. Reflection and self assessment has given me courage to attempt the exam once again. I studied alone and paced my own  learning. Of course, there was very little nerves , I have experienced the mechanics of the examination process and was more confident  and in control.

Personally, my story of  Learning is bitter sweet because I had to bear the humiliation and pain of failure, in order for me to get to know myself. Learning is itself  an exploration and evolutionary process. It takes time and once I discovered the true meaning and relevance of  knowledge, idea, concept or a skill, I embrace and endure the whole learning process.



4 Responses to “i LEARNED my lesson”

  1. It’s a very inspiring story, Pam. Learning indeed involves maturity and each of our experiences are unique, personal and innate. I love hearing about people’s stories and how they learned from it, and how it made who they are today.

    I want to take IELTS too one day. 🙂
    Cheers -Karen

  2. rhed says:

    Hi Pamena!

    Your story proves that learning must be something an individual do with passion and dedication. It’s not always right to “go with the flow” or do so just because others are doing the same. In some cases it may be a blessing in disguise or a wonderful opportunity for you, but for the most part it might end up with bitter result. Upon reflection, I am relieved that I enrolled in this program because I REALLY LOVE TO! 😀

    Keep going classmate!

  3. Congratulations on your ‘Expert user’ achievement ! Such an inspiring story. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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