MY learning style Analysis


 Am I an ACTIVE or REFLECTIVE learner?

  • My score is 5- Active Learner
  • I can learn best by doing, applying and solving.
  • Personally, I agree with this analysis, that is why I believe I am effective in my job as Application Specialist.


  • My score is 1. I can work EITHER by learning facts or by discovering possibiities.
  • I can relate in this assessment as well. As an  application specialists, I work effectively by being sensing and intuitive at the same time. As standard, I follow protocols and procedures in order to solve end-user problems, although when I reach a blank wall, then, at times, imagination and trial by discovery  would produce positive outcomes.

Am I a VISUAL or VERBAL learner?

  • My score is 5- Visual learner.
  • I partially agree in this analysis about me. Although, I believe I can find BALANCE in being a visual or verbal learner. It is true though that I use highlighters when I read and prefers demonstrations rather than reading Information For Use :). YET , I can claim that I am a good listener as well ( got a 9 in IELTS for the listening module).

Am I a SEQUENCIAL or GLOBAL learner?

  • My score is 3.
  • I can achieve optimum learning BOTH as a sequencial or global.
  • Most of the time, I use a STEP by STEP process in solving problems related in my work. YET, at times , I can solve problems quickly (short-cut works ) by discovering it by chance.

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