Models & Mentors in MY life


motherMy beloved Mom deserves to be the number 1 amongst the many models & mentors who contrbuted to who I am now. Aside from teaching me the usual ABC’s and 1-10 , she brought me up with strong belief , faith and devotion to GOD. As a single mom who had to endure the sole responsibility of supporting a handful child,  I admire her for strength and selflessness. It is not at all surprising that I am often described with strong personality, responsible and religious – a replica of my ever dearest mom (RIP)

dont judgeAs an only child, I am not spoiled with material things ;only with LOVE and attention from teachers and one worth mentioning is Ms Manalo, a spinster who lives alone in their BIG house near the school,  is my grade 6 teacher.She is aloof to most people, old and young alike except to me who would receive  gifts during special occasions like bday, christmas and everytime I win departmental quiz shows , maybe  she took pity of me ( as an illegitimate -bullied child) who do not care what others say about me instead focused to study and succeed or maybe because she thinks I am a child she never had. I admire her a lot because I can relate to her situation then, a loner and  often prejudiced YET can harness negative emotions or setbacks to achieve intended goals. ” Do not judge a book by its cover” – that is an English idiom that reminds me all the time abour her and on NOT PRE- judging people.

abroadabroad moneyBernadette is a neighbor who is  4 years older than me. She graduated nursing and went to KSA and was able to improve her family’s status of living. I have always dreamt of making OUR ( my mom and mine) life better financially and my focus is to work overseas. Soon as I finished my 2 years experience as Med tech in Philippines, I went to KSA as a regular med tech -then to Qatar as senior lab personnel -to Ireland as QC officer for Multinational Company. ” If other’s can , why can’t I ” – applying this maxim,  I can do anything if I wanted to and believed so.

What type of Role Model I want To be for my students?

1. Expert- in his or her subject and highly skilled in teaching . Students as well as parents are very demanding and have high expectations when it comes to learning, therefore a good teacher MUST be knowlegable and then successfully transfer this knowledge to his/her students.

2. Committed  – to teach, instruct and guide student’s learning with their best interest at hand. Not to be fazed with dis appointments, and keep the momentum of learning going with enthusiasm despite frustrations or stumble blocks. If a teacher’s  instructional process does not apply in cross section of the students , a teacher must have the capacity to adjust and modify to maximize learning of ALL.

3. Full of Life- Teach with a spice of “humor” to make topics enjoyable and entice eagerness to learn amongst my students.I will try to make the subject matter interesting and learning activities enjoyable. Although, appropriate use of  humour and timing must be taken into full consideration.

All of the mentioned above are characteristics that I would like my students to model upon because in REAL LIFE adventure, a person needs expertise, commitment and “humour” to keep on going.

How will I incorporate models and mentors in my classroom?

microscopecsiI plan to teach Medical Technology students in the future, and I can encorporate models / mentors in my classroom by playing videos about the applicability of being a medical technologist ( mecical technologists working in clinical laboratory, forensics , medical representatives, educators and application specialists)  in the real world. They can envision themselves where they would want to be working in the future.

Who Will Be My Education Mentor? What Would My Ideal Education Mentor Be Like?

As of this writing, I have no Education mentor since I am NOT yet working in the academe. But my IDEAL education mentor has to be someone whom:

  •  I would look up to because she/ he must be popular with students ( in cross section ) who have made a  difference or impact on their learning progress.
  • I would expect  to be transparent with me, especially pointing out my  weaknesses so I can better myself for my student’s benefits.
  • I can build a relationship. Being a friend will of course not an automatic process BUT with high hopes , I wish I would be friend my mentor so we can share the joys and pains , ups and downs of teaching-learning experience


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