Metacognition and Self Regulation

After watching the Video on The Beliefs That Make You Fail, I thought Dr Chew was actually talking about ME. I am guilty to most, if not ALL and I am aware that what he is saying is TRUE in all aspects like focusing, dedication and concentration gives BEST learning outcomes. And who can dispute the fact that studying ahead and repetitively is more effective that cramming? Theoretically, I can discern what is good from bad, however, changing my old familiar and convenient ways of studying is a such a difficult task. Knowing is entirely different from doing it in action. I even preach these to my child all the time, expecting to improve her study habits and maximize learning process. I put blame to my poor learning habits on my usual ” I am Ms Busy” scenario. I was talking about the OLD me.



I have seriously and dramatically changed when I started my UPOU- Distance Education . I am NO expert of course, but I can say, I had to put discipline in my schedule and dedicate my 2 off days as my school days. When work deadlines are tough, I share ‘my gym and movie ” time to reading modules and participating in discussion fora.

My motivation in studying and learning is my inner desire to understand and excel in this NEW unfamiliar path of education away from my comfort zone. Sometimes, I feel envious that my classmates are already practicing teachers and in the environment they are comfortable at. They post stuff in discussion fora , that is alien to my understanding & thanks to GOOGLE, I can catch up. 🙂

Going back to metacognition and self regulation, I promise TO get as much LEARNING  I can, and reflect on the course objectives if I have indeed reached my learning GOAL.Assessment FOR Learning is a MUST for me, in order to randomly check my learning progress. Should I find myself falling behind what is expected, it is my responsibility to re-strategize and find ways to improve until I find satisfaction in my journey OF LEARNING.


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