Norturing intelligence

When I attend a training for a new machine being launched:

Goal: Learn the measurement principles, operation and trouble shooting of machine.


What strategies do I do to learn?

Training is a tradional type of teaching.

Ground rules of the trainer : no cellphones.

Each trainee receives a pc, monitor with simulated software of the machine.

I enter the class in a fresh state of mind and focus on the topics presented in a powerpoint format. I usually bring a voice recorder and make notes. The numbers of participants are controlled (not more than 5), giving us opportunities to interrupt the trainer when any question arises. Focus and concentration is a must.

The trainer gives us breaks  for refreshment and activation exercises in the form of joke, play or puzzles.

At the end of each day: Application or Practical exercises are given and must be done independently using the simulated softwares given.

After each day, I do self assessment by way of knowing how much I have learned if I am able to succeed in finishing the given application tasks using the simulated software. At night, I would review using the taped lecture and my notes then remember what i missed in the previous exercises and be able to improve myself the following day.

At the end of the Training : the trainer gives examination. 70% is the passing rate and be able to get a certification.


I believe( based on my experiences of learning )that intelligence should be nortured. The giver of knowledge must be professional and competent to be able to facilitate the transfer of knowledge or skill. The instruction process has to be designed and structured to fit the learning goals and objectives. The receiver of knowledge must be aware of the said goals . What determines whether a person strives towarda a goal is a percieved probability of success. Motivation is a must- whether as a reinforcement ( Reward/ Certificate) or intrinsic motivated (self efficiency & self worth )so as to  influence a positive learning outcome. When all of the above mentioned are present, new knowledge/skill  given is received, processed, assimilated, retained and applied.

Application/ hands on /technical expertise on the machine after successful training is being able to pass on this knowledge and skill to my customers -the medical technologists in the hospitals.

Just to add on: In a couple of years, the machine will be upgraded with more functionalities; so additional teaching and learning is again expected. That is why there is what we call as Continious Learning Education.


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