Computer or My Human Brain?

information processingHigh capacity memory storage of computers , IPAD, phones and are expressed in MB ( megabytes) , GB ( Gigabytes) and now TB (terabytes). The amount of information that can be stored /sec is the winning factor against the speed of memorization of the brain.The other winning factor is the speed to search and recall information with the highest expectation of accuracy and precision.
For me these are the computer capabilities that I admire : the speed to memorize like a sponge like absorbent of knowledge and recall accurate information when needed.

slow to fastYet , computers are MAN MADE to aid and make life easier. Therefore, the superiority of a computer is based on the programs , software and applications downloaded in it by the ultimate decision maker- MAN. Capability of a computer ( like speed and memory capacity) are variable depending on the performance abilities of the processing unit. Once database is full then speed becomes slow and refuse to accept any more data.
Computers in itself cannot choose if it can do calculations unless ordered to do so. Manipulation is still in the hands of the user and command is emphasized by pressing the ENTER button .

Unlike computers, the human BRAIN’s storage is INFINITE. We store information in our brain everday consciously or unconsciously.

The Human Brain can process emotions too. It controls the most complex mechanism, the most complex machine in the world…” The Human Being”…! The brain has various sections performing various tasks. Emotional centre takes care of the emotions, the memory centre stores data s which can be processed with any kind of matter, it has nervous centre which controls every movement and reflexes of Human Being.

ipadA beautiful drawing in the sketchpad of an ipad is not created nor judged by the IPAD itself , it is just used as a tool to create something beautiful henceforth the appreciation response of creation and creativity lies only in the stimulus created by it.

Honestly, at my age, my memory has failed me and will fail me in one or more instances BUT I do not find it frustrating that I would wish to think and memorize like a computer because, computer is a “thing” and as a superior human being , the inventor and manipulator of computers – I do not only think; I also have a heart with a memory bank is full of information good or bad stored ( based on experiences, relationships and emotions) that I use to make decisions , solve problems and make plans to make my everyday life worthy and fruitful.

beautiful life


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