Teaching Complex thinking for Medical Technologists

For my application trainings , the strategies to promote critical thinking are:

1. Asking the participants to work together and create a plan of action after an Engineer does an active installation.
– Such activity will enhance their motivation and encourage to participate by sharing informations, analyze the processes, create or modify plan of action .

cbc2. Using visual aids like software simulators, video presentations and even pictures about the new product line would aid in the retention as well as understanding on the holistic functionality and application of the new machine.

3. Trouble shooting  real life scenarios. During the hands on , practice and everyday use of the machine , blood maybe challenged by doubts of result accuracy .failed

This is the MAIN test for a medical technologists is  to be able to evaluate the results, if tests FAILED, must be able to trace back all his processes and procedures, analyse where is the problem- whether mechanical or user misuse , then be able to correct and find solution.

untitledThen reassess if after trouble shooting techniques has arrived to a credible and meaningful outcome .




The objective is to arrive to a reliable result – accurate and precise that would support initial diagnosis of the doctor .


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