Applying Constructivism to MY teaching

01 Agenda day 2handoutsI teach Medical Techologists on how to operate their newly acquired analyzers. And I often use white board , powerpoint presentations and handouts to explain the procedures to be followed. After the theoretical part, I demonstrate the process/es myself.

Then I allocate time for hands on and practice  for each trainee on the machine under my watch.

imagesCAVL9V39I can add CONSTRUCTIVIS  by using operational videos to facilitate open discussions on how to operate the analyzers based on what they watched. They are encouraged to verbalize their views and interact with all participants making the activity and environment enjoyable.

hands onHands on exercises will be done by letting my trainees choose a partner and practice together on the operation of the analyzers. They can help each  other, build their confidence and competence while  perfecting their skills. I would closely observe their activities but will assist when asked and consulted upon.



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