Human Brain and Computer

Human Brain and Computer
by Maria Aster Joy “Aster” Garcia – Wednesday, 3 July 2013, 03:40 PM

Computer makes our faster and easier. Computer can perform very complex calculations at extremely high speeds using silicon-based semi-conductor technologies and a collection of storage, processing, presentation and user interface components to make it produce input and output in format computer users can interpret.

Although it has these characteristics, I believe the human brain is still better.

Based on research, by estimation, the brain has about 100 million MIPS worth of processing power while recent super-computers only has a few million MIPS worth in processor speed.

Humans can also learn by experience, observation, experimentation, discussions, lectures, etc. We also have emotions and five senses. Unlike computers, they are just man-made machines. They cannot think on their own.  They can only retrieve accurately what has been encoded or saved on its system.


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Re: Human Brain and Computer
by Pamela Rose “Pam” Flores – Monday, 8 July 2013, 11:19 AM

Indeed Aster!

Computers are man – made. It was made to be utilized by it’s creator to assist and make life easier NOT to replace human mind.

Although it’s speed and storage of memory is something a brain cannot match , it has limitations based on the programs or softwares loaded in it.

Once memory is FULL, then it can no longer accomodate inputs; whereas the brain has infinite space.


2 Responses to Human Brain and Computer

  1. randyjumaquio says:

    Indeed, “once the computer memory is full, it can no longer save data or piece of info. on it, whereas the brain is infinite space.” – i was really contemplating on the question “how can we measure intelligence” if we know logically that human’s brain has an infinite brain, interesting!

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