Be like Lady Gaga?


Re: Born this Way by Mae Ann Gavina – Friday, 21 June 2013, 07:43 PM.

I guess, we have to remember that at one point in our lives, we were exactly like these teenagers just at a different time. Teenagers are wired this way maybe because of their rampaging hormones and it’s important that parents are there to guide them especially at this point. Social Learning Theory suggests that people learn from one another via observation, imitation and modeling. And as parents, one should have the responsibility to guide their children. Remember, it all starts at home. If a child has a good role model in the form of their parents, or they observe good behavior at home, they imitate it. So no matter how influential Lady Gaga is if the child has a good foundation, I think it will be okay. The child can distinguish what is right from wrong through the guidance of their parents.

My Answer:

I agree with you that we all go through a phase in life that we idolize people especially international artists.I have always admired Madonna myself, back in the Material Girl days BUT that did not let me go beyond the extend of copying how she dressed and wild lifestyle. Sagot ko nga sa nanay ko, alam ko naman ang TAMA at MALI, iniidolo ko lamang sila dahil sa talento ng pag awit.

We should NOT underestimate the gift of discernment of our children, as long as we TRUST them because we have raised them well. We cannot be complacent as well….gaya na rin sa panonood ng telebisyon, TAMANG PATNUBAY ang KAILANGAN.


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