1. What experiences in distance learning can you cite as concrete examples to demonstrate how our efficiency beliefs about learning may have changed.

Mastery Experiences

An activity from my previous subject in EDS113 about planning and constructing tests made me feel anxious because, I know I cannot do it since I am NOT a practicing teacher unlike some of my group mates( where they can copy –paste examples from their old exam items).  But I had to do it , by following the pdf “Constructing tests” given my the FIC ( T. Malou). It took me a LOT of time to submit, and was NOT sure if what I did was correct or NOT. Activity after an activity about test construction and corrections; built my confidence and I began participating in correcting my group mates’ work as well.

Part of our final exams was “Designing Tools for Assessment” and I was relaxed on that part wherein I will generate my own test questionnaire. I believed then, that I can successfully deliver what was required of me, because of familiarity and competency cultivated by successful practices and experience.

Social Modelling

like themIt is difficult to budget time especially for a full time OFW. BUT, I have seen during the Distance learning videos that there are OFW’s like me too that are trying their best to fulfill all the requirements of each weekly modules despite the demands of work. YET, “If other’s can, why cant I”; that is what the “voice from within” is always telling me.

Social Persuasion

My first time experience in distance education that frustrated me was making a portfolio in wordpress. I can still vividly remember that my first post was just a picture of Dumbledore while my classmate “Gem” has even moving fish as her backdrop theme.

goodIt was surprising that she commented on my blog that my work was not bad at all as a first time blogger. That inspired me to experiment and explore more on the given menu of the dashboard; and improved my site. In fact, before my EDS113 finished, another classmate complimented my blog-site and will try to improve hers too!  wink

Psychological responses

It is very difficult to concentrate in work or distance education when one is burdened with personal problems. How can a person create something beautiful when your own world is collapsing and in the brink of emotional breakdown.

I personally wish for FULL TIME- EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE that I can use to capitalize these moods / stress at hand in order to put my best foot forward and deal successfully all tasks at hand.

2. Discuss and elaborate through anecdotes  the section “ factors affecting observational learning and performance”

Developmental status

As an application specialist – We train med techs to newly introduced chemistry analysers in their laboratory. To do so, at initial meeting with trainees , we teach them in a lecture form the principles, how to power on/off, how to calibrate, control and run patient’s samples and maintenance. Then, I give them each flow chart and I demonstrate how to perform the above mentioned processes.  The next part of the training which is the hands on part, wherein they use their flow chart and perform individually to practice, make and correct their errors , in order to  build their confidence and competency towards the new analyzer.

– Learning via lecture plus Hands on after the trainer demo and thorough practice will initiate then cultivate learning. This is a learning process that takes time and dedication from both the teacher & learner.

Model prestige and Competence

Very timely example: Ann Curtis the new ambassador to represent the famous luxury car AUDI.

An excerpt from the ABS CBN write up : The Audi Ambassador program aims to link the premium car maker with successful individuals who share the brand’s core values of being sporty, progressive and sophisticated – and truly Curtis is nothing short of what Audi stands for.

– Ann Curtis embodies sportiness, luxury and sophistication therefore, Audi finds her a competent representative to these  vital information similar to what AUDI is known for.

Vicarious consequences

Remember Tina Tama? The poster girl for COMELEC voter’s awareness program who outlines legal, proper and novel ways that local candidates can adopt in their campaign.

Candidates running for elections were asked to strictly follow the rules on campaigning.

Those who will violate the law will face criminal election offence.

–  Often we follow rules and regulations  because we fear the  negative consequence of our action. We choose to always tend to favor the “safe side”.

Outcome Expectations

“Dress to Impress” – I have heard these so many times, that one must dress properly Eg. Business suit is appropriate  when going for a business meeting or for job interviews.  By dressing neatly and appropriately, one gives an impression of professionalism.

– Most of us base our plans and route of action in anticipation of the end product we hoped for.

Goal setting

“Pag my Tiyaga, may Nilaga” – a famous Filipino proverb I grew up hearing from oldies and teachers , valedictory address and success stories that I used to  tell my daughter too time and time again when I needed to remind her when she perseveres and works hard, her dreams are at arms-reach.

-It is human nature to follow footsteps of successful people and pattern our action based on their published secrets of attaining their extraordinary achievement be it in education, sports or career.


Here are the values that I stand for: honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated and helping those in need. To me, those are traditional values.

-This is from Ellen Degeneres who always say “ Always be Good to Everyone” as her closing statement after her show.

-It is undoubtedly that she has so many followers because people can relate to the values she promotes like goodness etc, because reflects inner fulfillment and peace.


I got hooked into smoking for the past 10 years . At present, I am trying my best to remove this unhealthy habit and my inspiration is a 50 yr old colleague (who has been smoking since puberty) who gave up smoking successfully  3 years back.

-And if he successfully removed it, I am optimistic I can too.


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