Consider the section “Processes, Events, Examples” in Module 8 (Cognitive Theories)and the discussion of the mechanisms of cognitive change. Using the principles therein, how would you explain variations in learning outcomes among students with seemingly common experiences and innate abilities? In other words, how do principles in cognitive theory explain successes and failures in learning.


Students or learners in a classroom who are at equal footing with no pre-conceived knowledge with the topic being taught will have different learning outcomes because of the people have different mental capacities like  concentration or focus, perception – understanding, construction of meaning, comprehension and integration, memory recall abilities and interpretation with imagination.

focusSuccessful  thinking is being attentive, open minded (to absorb new ideas),constructive  (make meanings) and store and retain in memory, then be able to recall and utilize of these facts to create solutions, plans or integrate for more complex cognition. This power of the mind must grow, it is like a bank where in you deposit knowledge, and expect to be able to widraw it (when needed)  with interest ( learning).

What do you see as possible weaknesses or inadequacies in information processing theory with respect to describing/ explaining how people learn?

Information processing theory is  information IN – information OUT. Learning only takes into account,  mind power like attention, memory and thinking.

It  neglects the aspect of social learning ( that learning can occur in modelling and observing) and the Behaviorist Learning (learning as a consequence of experience or practice ).

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