MOTIVATION – real time 30.05.2013

My Application Team are composed of young multi national professionals. They are all very qualified and highly skilled technologists. The job has to provide service post installation and continious support to end users of all laboratory analyzers in the entire Health sector facilities of Kuwait. It is a highly demanding and challenging and is not a place for the faint hearted.

imagesCA4HLGYPI have been suffering with one of my staff. Miss X is very intelligent and competent in doing her job BUT she is always complained upon by customers of being tardy and cannot  meet deadlines on documentation. Pep talk, warning letter and even less incentives- she had it ALL and nothing has changed in the span of a year. ( PUNISHMENT- reenforcer has NO EFFECT, she is still AMOTIVATED)

The help center ( where we log in all our work activities) has published a list of BEST responders to customer calls & those who need to step up. – (EXPECTANCY X value theory, where assessment with detailed feedback to help meet needs to understand their performances) HAS PROVEN INEFFECTIVE as well

imagesCAFS156KRecently, I hired a new application specialist to join the productline predicted to have highest business demand for the next quarter and will share the load with Miss X. Since he joined, Ms X has been coming to the office earlier ( than me even) and been visible on all her hospital sites fully documented and signed by her customers. ( her MOTIVATION was a consequence of COMPETITION- an external motivator)


In fact, as of this writing, Ms X and Mr new employee have visited one important site, resolved the problem together and  customer feedback was vert satisfactory.  . :)I emailed them both and appreciated their collaborative effort.

For a service oriented business , healthy competition  can boost motivation, better customer service  and increased productivity.

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