Perspectives on Teaching

According to Huiit 2011, Learning is a consequence of experience. The changes in behavior or perception are products of personal involvement or attachment.

EFFECTIVE teaching is NOT giving knowledge perse, It MUST be a collaborative process wherein one is guided to the right direction in order to achieve and maximize learning. A teacher MUST be able to initiate, encourage and draw learner’s ideas, feelings and experiences so as learning to move actively forward.

“Teaching is a process of providing guided opprtunities to students”

– Teachers try to learn from students’ existing beliefs and knowledge and assimilate this information ( false beliefs & pre assumptions) to aid instruction process. Students are treated as a partner in the learning process, and are encouraged to have GOOD sense of metacognition and self regulation.

“Teaching is giving knowledge or skills to students”

– Teachers play dominant role and students act as dependents. Learning is in a pattern based on what a teacher does, says and provides thus little or short term learning is usually an unfortunate consequence.Surely, no amount of imposition can cause effective student learning.



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