On Learning & Maturation

Based on Schunk 2012, learning occurs when:

  1. There is a change in behavior, knowledge , perception and even skills as a result of modeling from other’s successful outcomes or  product.

2.  Learning endures over Time- meaning learning cannot be forced and imposed. Learning itself is a process and it  takes time to assimilate and learn new things. And more to time to modify what we used to believe  or what is familiar .

  • It is Not learning when ,external factors like alcohol or drugs have caused a temporary or quick change in action/ behavior.

3.  It is a consequence of experiences- It is known that “ Experience is the best teacher” . Personal and other’s experiences teach us lessons we keep for life.

  • It is NOT learning when changes are brought about by biological development. When boys reach puberty their voice becomes husky- That is NOT learning, it is brought about by inevitable biological change.

For me, learning must be a personal and innate. It is NOT by force or intimidation from others that would make me change my preconceived ideas, concepts or even my behavior. It would definitely be hard and challenging to give up familiar and comfortable ways of doing things. But, if I personally believe and discern  that NEW knowledge and skill  gives meaning of  growth and improvement then I embrace and endure the whole learning process.

Maturation is a stage of acquiring full development of the mind. It is not based on physiological growth or aging  but more synonymous to psychological and intellectual well being.

Learning on the other hand is a process of acquiring new knowledge or skills, giving up familiar ways of doing things and incorporating new ones.

I believe that learning is affected by the emotional and intellectual well being of a person. A person who has experienced and has found relationship to an idea, knowledge or skill, means that learning is expected to be effective, meaningful and lasting.

Eg. When basic sex education has been proposed to Philippine curriculum, initially, as early as kindergarden should be the recipients; however, this was opposed and revised to Grade 5. Since sex is a sensitive subject, there must be an element of proper state of mind and emotional well being of the students, in order to relate to, understand and acquire new knowledge.

 Grade 5 students are in puberty stage wherein hormonal and physical changes are happening, therefore such occurrence is relatable and meaningful in the subject at hand. Surely for a  kindergarten student ,this topic is meaningless therefore the learning goal is unachievable.




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