1. What is Metacognition?

Metacognition is basically asking one’s self about “How much do I know? How to know more?” It is a learner’s conscious acknowledgement of the level of understanding and being able to take control over their own learning.

According to Dr Steven Chew, the following are beliefs that make us stupid:

a)      Learning fast- There are no shortcuts to learning and neither there is a time goal on learning. Cramming usually does Not give good results.

  •  Planning ahead and giving more time to review and understand,reduces  stress provides a higher probability of success.

b)      Knowledge is composed of isolated facts – It is just like the saying” Little Knowledge is Dangerous”. Remembering key words or emphasized sentences mask the TRUE meaning of learning, which is UNDERSTANDING and COMPREHENSION.

  • It is better to learn first,  before memorizing.

c)       Intelligence is an inborn trait – If intelligence is an inborn trait, then why  there education or schools?

  • It is because , intelligence must be cultivated. Geniuses and scientists made a conscious effort to be curious, worked hard and never gave up studying,  experimenting and learning.

 d)      I am really good in Multi tasking- Multi tasking is giving competition on learning.

  • Focus and concentration is needed in order to maximize absorption of knowledge and effectively process information.

 2. What is self regulation?

Self regulation in Distance education is managing own’s learning from planning and setting up goals up to monitoring and assessing progress of learning.

As a second termer in Distance education, success is evitable if one is a self regulated learner. I have learned to plan and strategize my learning process, firstly by budgeting my time and activities(work-family –UPOU-church-gym). Following the course guidelines has helped me a lot especially in studying what and how to submit assignments or create a link and blog. Participating and reading the discussion forum and blogs of my group mates and classmates provide me additional knowledge that I may have missed in my learning process. Not to forget to mention are the comments of the Teacher that  facilitates and motivates deeper thoughts of learning.

For me, being a self regulated learner is mastering the art of DISCIPLINED INDEPENDENCE.

3. How shall I study to optimize learning in this course?

My mantra is to follow the course outline. Secondly, follow my pre-set schedule. Upload all pdfs and reading materials on the first day of weekly posting and READ the topic when not busy at work.

My off days ( Friday and Saturday) are dedicated to school days, that is making assignments and finishing them before deadline.

Last but not the least, joining in the discussion fora and following classmate’s blogs  are avenues of exchanging ideas and thought process .I believe that learning from other’s intelligent opinion   is another effective way of learning.

4. In what ways will keeping a learning journal help me learn better?

 A learning journal is a cumulative collection of work that gives a reflection of my learning progress. It contains logs of my thoughts, insights, reflections and experiences that I can utilize to monitor my growth or achievement.

 Everytime, I look back at my previous portfolio (EDS113), I am amazed on the exponential growth of learning I gained. I saved it, aside from sentimental reasons, I can always trace back my journey of acquiring knowledge on assessment.









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